Rap / Lyrics – inspired by Prince Ea’s “why I refuse to let technology control me”

Im not a rapper, but after watching his video I wanted to write something back…

“Every day, more photos are taken with the iPhone than any other camera.”
Kinda gets me wondering…
How many people are living their lives through a lens?
How many are, ignoring their friends, sitting at the table, unable
To hold a conversation longer than the cable
Keeping them tuned in?

Tuned in? Or tuned out.
Either way, life’s not about
what’s on your screen, it’s more than that.
It’s all the things that can’t be seen,
With your head in your phone all the time
you’ve got to wonder what it all means.

To be locked away in a digital cage
it’s no wonder people can’t look
at a book without checking their page.
It’s the virtual age. But we are far from virtuous.

No longer do we look to people to nurture us.
We tune out any form of, higher purpose.

So we can focus on the who and the how
that we, don’t bother to live in the here and the now
so we, spend our days not making a sound
when we, could, be living our lives, and singing out loud.
Repping the stage and making everyone proud.

We update, and text.
And all we care about is,
what comes up next, on net-flix.

See. We’re no longer sociable, approachable,
leaving home without your phone seems, non negotiable.
We’ve lost our skills, unaware of what really kills us is
everything that we think thrills us.

But it’s ok cause there’s always tomorrow.

But tomorrow is a day that will never come.
We’ve only got today to get everything done.
Even so, we run and we run like a hamster on the wheel,
till we’re so tired and sore that we can’t even feel
that our life is passing us by.

Moment by moment.

So prince I hear you. It’s true.
More people need to look up at that
blue sky above us all. You gave us a clue.
A rule that we can all live by.
I just wanted to thank-you.

For pulling me away from my devices.
For reminding me that life is priceless.
To get back on santa’s naughty or nice list.
It’s the nicest thing someone can do.
And in return, I hope to spread the message.
So that more of us hear you.

That we live our lives.
That we pass this on to our husbands and wives.
And not worry about the size of our new TV.
So prince, I just wanted to thank you.
For what you did for me.


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